Indigo two aircraft survived in the sky

Indigo's two surviving survivors in the sky, a big accident..

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On Wednesday, near India-Bangladesh border two children of Indigo survived childhood due to collision in the air. Officials of the Airports Authority of India informed on Thursday that this major accident was postponed just 45 seconds before a possible collision with Kolkata-based ATC.

Officials said that the Air Traffic Control instructed pilot of an aircraft to move right and move away from the other aircraft, which had just arrived at the first level at the same time. The official said that a plane was going from Guwahati to Chennai, while the second aircraft was going from Kolkata to Guwahati.

Both the aircraft came closer to each other in the air around 5:10 pm. Both aircraft were at the height of 35000 and 36000 feet at that time. Meanwhile, the Indigo spokesman has said that he does not have any such information right now. Airport Authority officials said that under the process, the matter will be investigated.
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